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When LOU (28 years old) is told she's been promised to the ZULU KING in marriage to repay an ancestral debt, she is forced to confront the tradition she's been running away from since the death of her parents when she turned 15. TEXAS WALKER (Tex), her American fiancée, is the only man she has ever fallen in love with. She decides to confront the King and convince him he doesn't want to marry her. But when she prevails upon handsome royal advisor ZULU to help her get into the Royal Compound, he proves to be a dangerously seductive charmer.


Nondumiso Tembe

Fiercely unobtainable love interest.

LUNGILE SABATA (28) also known as LU, is a beautiful, stubbornly independent and driven dancer/choreographer who's making it in New York.

Darrin Dewitt Henson

To see him is to go weak at the knees.

TEX WILSON (32) is a disillusioned advertising executive looking for something, and someone, to believe in. He's a good-looking charmer with largely untapped depths.

Pallance Dladla

A royally good catch.

PRINCE ZWELIBANZI ZULU, 28, called ZEE by people who know him, is sauve, good-looking and has the air of authority bred into those born for leadership positions.

Carl Anthony Payne

He's 'that' friend.

NATE (33) is a wise-cracking, sharp-faced lawyer who'd take the fin off a shark - in business. In his personal life, he's Tex's loyal best friend, who'd go to the ends of the earth for him

Makgano Mamabolo

The cop that doesn't stop. Be very afraid.

MABO (24), is Lu's younger sister. She's attitude on steroids with a massive, quivering weave-fro hairstyle topping off the Metro traffic cop's uniform she ALWAYS wears – even when going out.

Jerry Phele

That's uncle to you, boy!

UNCLE PHINEAS SABATA (60), dresses in a mixture of Western and traditional Sotho attire. He carries the air of the Lesotho mountains with him – along with his cone hat and Basotho blanket.

Kgomotso Christopher

Life is about dancing and love

Rene (Reneiloe), 26 is an exquisitely-muscled and committed contemporary dancer who Lu works with when choreographing her dances. Rene is a good friend to Lu & has learned to accept her quirks and ways.

Bubu Mazibuko

Darling, life's too short for bad champagne

SAM (28) is a super-stylish, plastic-surgery addicted drinker. One of Lu's best friends from school. She comes from a wealthy family but nonetheless tries on different careers almost as often as she tries out different men.

Lorcia Cooper

An eighteen carat, genuine friend.

MARANG (27) is Lu's other best friend from her school days. She's artistic looking – a seriously talented jewellery designer who's career and jewellery
studio is taking off.

Treasure Tshabalala

Floats like a butterfly, stings like a pain in the backside

UNCLE CAIPHUS (60's) was once a ferocious boxer. Now he is three-quarters blind and composes poetry which he is dictates to his surviving daughter, Nobuntu.

Kelly Khumalo

Can anyone say 'trophy'?

YVONNE SABATA, 30's, is Uncle Phineas's glamorous, social-climbing wife. Although she is many years younger, and many people would assume she only married Phineas for security.

Sthandiwe Kgoroge

Beautiful and salt of the earth

NOBUNTU; 40’s, is Lou’s aunt from the Zulu side of the family (Lou’s late mother’s sister). She is a wise and gracious woman who looks after her father, Uncle Caiphus, with patience and humour.

DJ Tira

Makoya Bearings

DJ Tira aka Makoya Bearings "as himself" 'nuff said!      

Sandzisiwe Magagula

Trust me, I’m adorable

COUSCOUS SABATA (9) is small for her age and she looks completely adorable - but she hasn’t been raised in the same house as Mabo for nothing. She’s extremely intelligent, precocious, afraid of nothing, and always has quick retort for any occasion. Couscous usually carries around a yappy lapdog called FUFU.

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